Judi McWilliams

Watercolour Artist

I am a self taught watercolour artist and have been painting now for over 20 years.

My style of art is impressionist and my painting technique is wet on wet.

I try to involve the viewer in my paintings. The subjects spring from my imagination and I attempt to paint the feeling, so that people react to that feeling and not necessarily to the image itself.

I work in watercolour because of its immediacy… imagination won’t wait around while you plan… so I just let it happen.

The work presented on my website represents the complexity of the world around us.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed painting it!


Danamarie Smith-King

Gospel Recording Artist

Danamarie Rozennia Smith-King was born in the beautiful Island of Bermuda on June 17, 1977. Born to the proud parents of Wilfred & Zenia, Danamarie was exposed to the world of music from an early age, as she listened to her mother's melodic voice from within the womb. At a very tender age she displayed the ability to sing and harmonize to music, she not only used her vocals but also her extraordinary talent enabled her to play the piano and sing simultaneously and write music.

At age 10 her mother enrolled her in the US Naval Choir in Bermuda, where she was the youngest member ever to be enrolled. At age 11 her family migrated to Montreal Quebec, where she was involved in the youth choir and conducted the children's choir at Westmount Seventh Day Adventist Church. At age 15 she was instrumental in forming a group of five teenagers who called themselves Heavenly Sensations. They traveled throughout North America performing at various functions doing interviews, live concerts and more.

Judi McWilliams Fine Art Collection